Why Game of Thrones is Awesome

So with the new season of Game of Thrones underway and ever since I decided to start reading the books (1 and 2 DONE. Woop woop), I began to wonder what it is about this show (and the books) that makes it so universally loved. I mean people who found Harry Potter hard to understand watch the show (erm, how?). Inexplicable as it may seem, here’s a list (I seem to have a list fixation) as to possible reasons why.

  1. People are sick of sitcoms and so am I. SPOILER ALERT. The final reveal of the Mother in HIMYM has left legions of fans crying into their pillows (my sympathies; if I watched an otherwise mediocre show which in a cheap but clever act of gimmickry waited 8 seasons to show the owner of an umbrella, I’d cry too). I don’t wanna watch pseudo-situational pseudo-comedies any more, especially when they question my intelligence as a viewer by giving me cues to laugh. Stop telling me what to do! That wasn’t funny at all and the ‘hahahahs’ in the background aren’t gonna convince me otherwise.
  2. After listening to legions of whiny women crying about their relationships and how ‘Men are the Devil’, I am finally happy that a show portrays women to be strong, conniving and beautiful all at the same time. Case in point Daenerys and Cersei. These women are powerful, they make their own rules and basically kick some butt.
  3. It has blood. It has gore. It has a lot of sex. And boobs. BOOBS. Hit the jackpot there because these elements just appeal to the vile and voyeuristic qualities we all have (or is it just me?). I liken it to the scene of an accident. Everyone knows it’s going to be unpleasant but a crowd of people will gather to watch anyway. But with that said, the show itself is quite sophisticated. The subtle nuances in the script (and the actors’ expressions) make it such a joy to watch. The humour is dark, and the scenes are intense. It grabs your attention right away.

    Ooooh, errr.

  4. They found an incredible cast. I don’t think anyone can play Tyrion better than Peter Dinklage can. Having read the book, all the actors fit the characters like a glove. Pretty much exactly the way I imagined them to be. I’m glad they didn’t make it into a movie straight, because the books are ornately detailed and to give justice to the books, every book requires at LEAST a season.
  5. George R. R. Martin (genius this man) doesn’t hesitate to kill off major characters. None of your favourite characters is safe. They could have their heads on a pike in any episode. That kind of makes you want to keep watching.
  6. Finally, the elements of Westeros are beautifully depicted. They don’t dumb it down and insult your intelligence. You can expect a shocker in every episode. It’s a WIN all around.

8 thoughts on “Why Game of Thrones is Awesome

  1. Nice post.

    If you read all the books, you’ll realise how rich the world of ASOIAF really is. The TV series, although stellar, is still not good enough when compared to the book.

    I think that’s primarily due to the way the stories are presented in the two mediums. In the books, it’s a POV tale told through the perspectives of multiple characters. In the TV series, it proceeds more like a regular TV show.

    Not that I expect to see a book’s brilliance being ever equalled on screen (whether small or large!).

    I started reading the books after seeing the first two seasons. I just *couldn’t* wait for the third season to know how the story would proceed. Glad I made that decision, but now I’m frustrated that I have to wait for *years* to get my paws on the next two books and wrap up the series.

    I only pray that GRRM doesn’t cock a snook at the world and kill himself off before polishing off ASOIAF, he does look like a heart-attack waiting to happen, after all.

    • True! At least this TV show is a close second to the book. I remember what they did with Eragon and a part of my soul dies a little each time.

      And same, I started reading midway in the second season and stopped watching right about then because it was killing the books for me, knowing what was going to happen.

      NO! We must not speak of his death. Let’s not tempt fate.

      • Oh yeah, Eragon was a fiasco. The Inheritance Cycle had such potential to be turned into a great movie series, but all that’s been laid waste by that initial installment.

        Whose death, by the way? There are so many, it’s hard to keep track. 😛

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