En route Miami


Photo Credit – Nilasha, but mostly Instagram

Day 1 – 14th March

I’m sitting here waiting for them to begin boarding this flight BA 276 to London, one step away from Miami. I got lucky and got upgraded to Club Class (what’s up with all the fancy names anyway, what’s wrong with calling it business class?), so I get to travel in style. It’s just the one flight though so I better wipe the smug smile off my face.

At some point in my illustrious travelling career though, I turned into a first class snob. I was patiently waiting behind the red line (it’s a RED line people) and I got cut off by 10 people before I decided to grow some balls. I couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow at this typical Indian Behaviour. Does that make me not Indian or an Indian who has simply travelled more than I should? Not that there is such a thing as too much travel.

I also hate babies. If I ever decide to have one, he/she better have a mute button because I cannot stand the crying. It pierces right through my skull. If you are ever getting on a transatlantic flight that is 8 hours long and you have a child, do the world a service and give the kid a tranquilizer! (Um, I know there are a million things wrong with that, but I have a severe need to lash out). At this point I’m beyond caring though. What I really want to do, is jump off the plane and scream “I’m in Miami bitch” in everyone’s face. I am a college senior on spring break, so excuse me if I’m anything but profound.

On the flight – Day ??? (damn time zones)

Club World Class. Fancaaay is the word I would use. The seat goes all the way back, calling it a seat is doing it a huge disservice. I’ve napped for a few hours in an effort to set my internal clock to Miami time. The breakfast on the flight was way better than what you’d for a grand in a hotel in Hyderabad. Finally my bacon craving has been satisfied. I’ve been watching this movie, Hope Springs. It’s not bad but you already know how it’s going to end before you even reach halfway. Meryl Streep is one hell of an actress though. And I don’t know what’s with the umpteen visits to the bathroom. Did I become diabetic in the last 24 hours? Anyway I’ve been drinking a lot of fluids trying to prepare for the marathon that Ultra is going to be. Please let the next flight go as pleasantly as this one. Amen.

London Airport: 1.37 pm local time

Got here in one piece, a very healthy comfortable piece in fact. Can’t believe I have another 10 hour flight to sit through though. I’m sure it’ll go faster, the anticipation usually helps. I’m hoping for some good company on the plane though, that would be fun. Man, there are so many Indians in here (sardarjis mainly) reinforcing all my DDLJ spurred stereotypes. Also a lot of young girls in tracks with some sports club insignia on them. Bend it like Beckham anyone? All that is left now is for me to find a homeless guy living in the airport a la The Terminal. Ok, must stop watching so many movies. I also want more boots, they look amazing, not to mention furry jackets.

Lots of white people but lots of Indians too. It’s been a while since I’ve travelled abroad on my own. Can’t wait to meet the buds in Miami. It’s awwnn like donkey kong.

Side Note: I sat next to the Swedish House Mafia guy, John Martin on the flight. He sang Save the World and Don’t You Worry Child for those not in the know-how. Thank god for 6 foot tall stubbled blonde shampoo commercial worthy hair Swedes. My 10 hour flight sped by.


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